Secure Web Payments

The secure payment page is for merchants who want to process secure credit and debit card payments via the Internet, without requiring a secure Web site or programming expertise.

With this connectivity option you only have to add a single HTML link to your Web site. And to make it even easier, we have a program that generates this link for you. The link takes your customer to a secure payment page hosted on our servers, where your customer enters their payment information to complete the purchase.

No Shopping Cart functionality? No problem.

Generate a link for each product/price combination in advance. When your customer clicks on the link to purchase the product, the Secure Payment Page is presented to the customer showing the price that you specified in advance. This version is simple to use and is appropriate when your site does not include shopping cart features such as multiple products, quantities, shipping fees, or taxes.

Shopping Cart built into your site? Even better.

Create a customized link on your Web site for each order as it is placed by your customer, regardless of the number of different products purchased. This version is ideal if your site includes shopping cart functionality.

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