Recurring Billing

Enjoy peace of mind with our automated recurring billing tool.

The SterlingCard recurring billing tool easily automates payments that need to be collected periodically and deposited directly into your SterlingCard account. It couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is provide basic information for each billing record such as customer and contact information, credit card or debit card details, and the amount and time each payment should be collected. Once you set them up on our platform, you can forget about them. Our recurring billing tool takes over, reliably processing your transactions for the amount, at the frequency, and over the time period that you have specified. And it's just as easy to modify or disable any billing record at any time.

A key feature of this tool is the ability to automatically send an email to your customer each time a recurring transaction is processed. The email includes transaction information such as your business name, your customer's credit card or debit card details, the amount of the transaction, and a transaction identifier.

Online reports are real-time and quickly allow you to view the billing history of any customer, including the status of each transaction, the amount, and the date it was processed.

With the SterlingCard recurring billing tool you eliminate the manual, time-consuming process of diarizing cheque payments and reduce cheque encoding errors and collection expenses, all while increasing your level of customer satisfaction.