Pure E-Commerce Merchants

We offer you easy connectivity, multiple currency acceptance, sophisticated fraud protection tools and much more. You get it all with the SterlingCard gateway solution:

  • Reduce the effective rate you pay. At SterlingCard there are no annual  fees and no additional gateway fees
  • Multi-currency processing in GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, and more
  • Process Electronic checks and debit cards
  • Easy-to-use web interface lets you process mail-order/telephone-orders from anywhere you have internet access
  • Sophisticated fraud-detection system reduces unauthorized orders
  • Customer service and technical support teams ensure a smooth set-up
  • Take advantage of online, real-time transaction reporting
  • Fast payment options - provide us your bank account details and choose the payment schedule that is right for you. We are bank-neutral, so there is no need to change your current banking relationships