Integrated (retail & e-commerce) Merchants



Face-to-Face / “Card Present” merchants:

  • The SterlingCard Gateway is our payment processing solution for merchants operate in low cash environments where the majority of customers pay by credit or debit cards.
  • Ideal for merchants who have a computer at their checkout, a high-speed Internet connection, and conduct a low amount of cash transactions.
  • Simply plug a PIN pad into your PC, log in to the The SterlingCard Gateway web site and you are ready to go.

“Card Not Present” Mail Order/ Telephone Order merchants:

  • Web-based interface, which is simple to use and to train your staff on: no software to install or configure
  • Virtual POS for merchants manually entering credit card transactions for mail or telephone order sales, such as call centers. Allows up to 99 simultaneous users.
  • Batch processing- monthly billing where the amount varies for each payment or groups of transactions where an immediate response is not necessary.
  • Recurring billing- merchants requiring billing functionality for regularly scheduled customer payments, such as membership dues or subscriptions.

E-commerce merchants:

  • Process all major online payment types, including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and INTERAC Online, in a secure, real time environment.
  • Compatible with most of today's popular shopping cart applications. (If you require a shopping cart solution, please visit
  • Option to connect to the gateway through the SterlingCard Payment Page or APIs
  • Authenticate your customers in real time with Verified By Visa.


SterlingCard Gateway Demo