Electronic Checks

With our electronic check merchant account you can process checks quickly, effectively, and securely with the most advanced check-auditing features in the industry.

As versatile as it is beneficial…

For your customers

Electronic checks enhance Internet, mail, and fax sales by offering an alternative payment method for customers who don't have a credit card, who prefer to pay by check, or whose credit card transaction was declined. Gain incremental sales with the SterlingCard Payments electronic check solution.

For your business

For business-to-business invoicing, our electronic check solution will streamline your accounts receivable department. By eliminating paper-check submissions, you save the time and money associated with manual collections and reconciliation. Most importantly, when payments are made quickly and efficiently online, you ultimately improve your cash flow.

Broaden your current market by offering your customers the convenience of paying by electronic checks. Distinguish yourself from your competition, expand your target market, and increase sales and profits.

With SterlingCard electronic checks, our leading-edge risk-management and fraud-prevention systems give you more accurate predictions of checks that will clear.

The SterlingCard electronic check advantage

  • Save time on the manual check submission process.
  • Process regularly scheduled check payments with our recurring billing tool.
  • Reduce labor costs associated with handling paper checks.
  • Bank accounts are validated in real time using several internal and external databases.
  • Transactions are screened using the largest negative database in the industry.
  • Detailed information is provided with a declined transaction.
  • NSF checks are resubmitted automatically on behalf of clients.
  • View transaction details in real time and import them into your order-entry system.
  • Obtain more accurate predictions of electronic checks that will clear.
  • Specialized for Internet, telephone, mail, and fax sales.

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