Customized Programs

The Infinity Card Program is customizable, affordable, powerful, and essential in business today.

The Possibilities Are Infinite and Essential.

Are you looking for an effective merchandising vehicle that builds sales, draws in new customers, and retains existing ones? Plastic gift, loyalty, and stored-value cards are taking the payment industry by storm. Why? Retailers love them for many reasons, most of which reflect back to increased sales, client base expansion, and retention, three key components of business growth and success. We can help you harness the power of this plastic revolution with our versatile Infinity Card Program. It's customizable, affordable, powerful, and essential in business today.

Gift Card Programs

Consumer demand for gift cards is skyrocketing because they are the perfect gift for that someone who's hard to buy for, and retailers couldn't be happier meeting that demand. Gift cards are expanding beyond the retail market to many non-traditional markets because the benefits are universal. They used to create a point of differentiation for the merchant and now they are a competitive necessity. Merchants love gift cards for many good reasons. Here are a few:

  • Research shows that many consumers spend almost twice the face value of a gift card.
  • Gift card recipients tend to purchase more regular priced, high-margin items.
  • When displayed at your checkout, gift cards become an impulse purchase item.
  • Gift cards tend to decrease the amount of returned merchandise.
  • Gift and promotional cards can increase sales during quiet selling periods.
  • Gift card sales create a reservoir of funds for the merchant.
  • It is estimated that approximately one-tenth of gift card sales go unredeemed.

The common denominator of each and every gift card benefit is increased sales and profitability. It is obvious why gift cards are exploding into the payment industry.

Promotional Card Programs

Merchants who are great merchandisers use a promotional gift card as the key component of their marketing initiative. You see it everywhere and it works. If you have a customer who is contemplating their purchase, a promotional incentive is an effective method of closing the sale. The customer receives value with the promotional card and the merchant receives the sale in addition to the incremental sale when the card is redeemed. When the incentive benefits both the customer and the merchant it's a win-win scenario that you should not overlook.

Examples of promotional card programs:

  • Spend $100 the first week of November and get a $20 gift card.
  • The first fifty customers in our store this Saturday get a $10 gift card.
  • Finance any item over $1000 and you'll receive a $100 gift card.
  • Bring this gift card into our store January 30 and find out if it's worth $5, $50, or $500!
  • Buy any of our regular-priced suits during April and get a $100 gift card.

With a minimum order of just 100 cards, you have the flexibility to create a promotional card for every one of your marketing initiatives. To find out more information about the Infinity Card program click here